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Gastric Bypass Thailand  
Gastric Bypass Thailand

Thailand Bariatric Surgery is available through ThaiMed International Affiliate Hospitals and Bariatric Surgeons in Bangkok, Thailand. Weight loss surgery information and medical travel tour bookings available at affordable prices.

Obese do not have to suffer with weight problems any longer. Laparoscopic bariatric weightloss surgery offers a safe and fast way to lose weight. Fast weight loss while recovering in Bangkok.

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Gastric Bypass Weightloss Surgery Information
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Bariatric Weight Loss Surgery CEODear Prospective Patient,

If you are visiting our web site this site you have probably done your home work and already know IF you are a candidate for the surgery.

However, if you have not and would like a quick no nonsense conversation to determine eligibility, price and to ask your questions I invite you to call in Bangkok.

Current Time:
Office Hours: Monday - Friday; 7am - 5pm
US Toll Free: 1 800 735-9035
AUS Toll Free: 1 800 896-485
Direct: +66 89 814-4232

If you call in just a few minutes you will know if you are a candidate and if you are interested in exploring this option in Bangkok. If so I can send you complete information to help you with that decision regardless of where you decide to have it done.

This is serious surgery only for the seriously obese and not cosmetic surgery. I am not a doctor BUT have assisted many patients through the process and can tell you the costs here with us, most of the others and can refer you to the cheapest surgery, (it is not us) if that is what you want. I think this is the only place you can get all the information easily in one call.

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I have arranged several weight loss surgeries here and all have been successful. I can arrange for the surgery to be done safely by a surgeon trained in the US and currently we are the most affordable in Bangkok. If you want us to handle everything we can arrange not only your surgery but transfers, hotel, and even help with airfare shopping & sightseeing.

We are as worry free as we can be and are the easiest to do business with. We quote prices that include pre-op exam, hospital stay with NO surprises. We require a minimum deposit for your medical and accept credit cards at the hospital when you are admitted following your consultation and pre op exam. Everything is included and nothing will be added to your bill. See who else will offer that?

If you want straight talk and accurate information feel free to contact us.

Mike Brennan

ThaiMed CEO